How to plot Waterfall x-dir reversed and remove the baseline plot?

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On this waterfall plot, some changes would like to be done:
(1) plot x-axis in reversed order. set(h, 'XDir','reverse') doesn't work here. If used view(190,30) the Y is reversed too, which is not desired.
(2) under every curve, a baseline is added somehow by waterfall, which is not wanted. How can these baseline be removed?
(3) if possible, remove the Z-axis scale label, only keep x and y labels.
Thanks for your help.
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dpb on 29 May 2014
Edited: dpb on 29 May 2014
What doesn't "work" with 'xdir','reverse'?
Not sure about the baseline
Can fix 3) --
One for three ain't bad... :)
waterfall is an m-file, however, so you can see what it's doing internally (and it's not at all that long, either).
I see something interesting in the comments beginning with
% Add 2 data points to the beginning and three data points at the end
% of each row for a patch. ...
There might be somewhere you can play, I don't know. That it is a series of patches makes one wonder if can get rid of the baseline, however; might have to revert to trying to build a series of line plots.

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