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ip camera connect to matlab

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primrose khaleed
primrose khaleed on 27 Jun 2014
Commented: Shenghong He on 13 Nov 2018
hi every body...i want to connect ip camera to matalb..i need to(snapshot) capture image from ip camera through matlab...i need code in matlab to used... this ip camera datasheet: d-link

Answers (4)

ajeet borate
ajeet borate on 11 Sep 2014
download driodcam on your pc and mobile

Rushikesh Tade
Rushikesh Tade on 15 Sep 2014
Try searching in Image Acquisition Toolbox

Shankar Subramanian
Shankar Subramanian on 15 Sep 2014
Image Acquisition Toolbox does not provide support for IP Cameras. Also, your link did not work for us to know the specific camera that you are using. You may be able to get snapshot from the camera if you know the IP address and send in a request to read frame (using imread from Image Processing Toolbox).
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Shenghong He
Shenghong He on 13 Nov 2018
Hi Shankar,
I am also curious about connecting IP cameras using matlab. If I used "get snapshot" to aquire image from an IP camera, do you know how to improve the real-time performance? I used webcam of my labtop and tested the real-time performance, it seems can only achieve a fram rate of around 10 fps, which is far from enough in my application.

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amna shaikh
amna shaikh on 20 Dec 2017
I am dealing with Ip foscam R4 and getting difficulty to interface with matlab


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