How to assign user entered values(integers entered in an edit text box) to an already user entered string in a listbox of MATLAB GUI? . Your support would be very useful.

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Data Inputed by User: A String in the listbox of a GUI and 3 integer values in an edit text box of the same GUI. Every time the user should be entering a string and then 3 integer values (x,y & z coords). Now with the user entered 3 coordinates,I would like to plot the point and assign these values to the already entered string in the listbox. I face problems in assigning the three points to the string. Because as future scope, If I select the string in the listbox and click a delete button the corresponding point in the plot should get deleted. This whole process must function in a loop as every time the user would like to enter new strings and assign 3 coordinate values to it. I have been trying a lot but not able to achieve the output. Your help will be deeply appreciated.
matlablearner on 15 Jul 2014
Edited: matlablearner on 15 Jul 2014
I tried something similar to what you have mentioned but I am struck at creating the structure and accessing it. I have attached the snapshot of my code for your reference.

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Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
Alfonso Nieto-Castanon on 15 Jul 2014
Let's say that h_list, and h_text, are the handles to your listbox and textbox, respectively (which you have already created). You could simply define the callback property of your textbox:
and then define this callback function to modify the strings within the listbox. Something along these lines:
function mycallbackfcn(h_list)
str = get(h_list,'string'); % current strings in listbox
val = get(h_list,'value'); % selected string in listbox
coords = get(gcbo,'string'); % text entered in textbox
str{val} = coords;

Brian B
Brian B on 16 Jul 2014
Edited: Brian B on 16 Jul 2014
You are creating a struct correctly. However, you should also get the handle to the point when you create it:
h = scatter3(...);
and save the handle with the structure:
node = struct(..., 'nodehandle', h);
From the syntax highlighting I can tell that node is a persistent or global or shared variable; furthermore, the xc field of node is a vector with the x-coordinates of all of the nodes. It will probably be easier to define a struct ARRAY (call it Nodes, for example) as a persistent variable, and to let each element of the struct array represent one node. (In this case, you would get xc as xc = str2double(...) and not append it to any list; just save the scalar xc in node). Then you would create node as you have done and append it to Nodes:
Nodes(end+1) = node;
When the user selects a point, search through Nodes to find which element of the struct array has the matching handle and remove it from the list.
Brian B
Brian B on 18 Jul 2014
Edited: Brian B on 18 Jul 2014
This would be easier if you plotted each point as a separate line.
case 'plotnode'
% Set Default View
az = wrapTo360(-37.5); el = 30; %limits for az 0...360 for el 0...90
view(handles.axes1,[az el]);
%Plot the points
hold on;
'MarkerFaceColor',[1 0 0]);
node=struct('nodenumber', [node.nodenum; nodenum],...
'xcoordinate', [node.xc; xc], ...
'ycoordinate', [node.yc; yc], ...
'zcoordinate', [node.zc; zc], ...
'nodehandle', [node.h; h]);
Before you delete the corresponding handle in node.h, delete the point:
case 'deletenode'
nnames = get(handles.nodeslistbox,'String');
if length(nnames)<1;
end; %if already empty, do nothing
index_selec = get(handles.nodeslistbox,'Value');
delete(node.h(index_selec)); % THIS IS THE KEY!
if val<1; val=1;end %take care of exception
Alternatively, you could remove the corresponding coordinates from node.xc etc and replot.

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