ctrl+d does not work for methods

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Paul Mellor
Paul Mellor on 24 Jul 2014
Answered: Roi on 14 Oct 2021
I can use ctrl+d to quickly open a function in order to browse the source code for it. However this does not seem to work for methods of an object. Since I use it a lot, this is seriously discouraging me from using OO in Matlab. Is there a way to make this work, or some other way to do it (needs to be quick and convenient)?

Answers (2)

Roi on 14 Oct 2021
Any update on this matter of openning files using ctrl+d on methods of an object ?
It is possible on other languages IDEs, why cant it work on also in Matlab?
This missing feature make debuging and wokring on less familiar code that has an object oriented structure very hard, especially on big projects. I find my self going back and forth to find the object construction, opening the files that defines the class and seaching for the correct method manualy.
I think that in the end of 2021 its about time a computer will do the work for me ;)
Hoping for some reply...

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