How can I count number of dates over 100 degree F?

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Hello! I have a dataset with daily maximum temperatures and daily minimum temperatures from the 1930s to 2020. I have one data file with the dates and another one with the corresponding temperatures. I want to create a loop (or anything that works) to know how many days are above 100F and how many days are below 32F. Any suggestions?
Thank you!!
Nuria Andreu
Nuria Andreu on 29 Aug 2021
Yes! I extracted the daily maximum temperatures and daily minimum temperatures from a bigger dataset.
Thank you!

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Accepted Answer

Wan Ji
Wan Ji on 29 Aug 2021
Edited: Wan Ji on 29 Aug 2021
dates = readtable('your_dates_file');
% assume that your dates fie has only one column
temps = readtable('your_temperature_file');
% assume that your temperature file has two columns, one is minimum T(°F), the
% other is maximum T (°F)
minT = temps{:,1};
maxT = temps{:,2};
p = minT<32; % or <=
q = maxT>100; % or >=
dates_below_32 = dates(p,:)
dates_above_100 = dates(q,:);
num_of_days_below_32 = sum(p);
num_of_days_above_100 = sum(q);

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