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How to get same xlsread "raw" output whithout using xlsread?

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langrg on 20 Sep 2021
Commented: langrg on 21 Sep 2021
xlsread is no more recommanded. So what is the correct solution to get exactly the same variable "raw" I was getting when using the following command :
[~, ~, raw] = xlsread('MyExcelFile.xls');
I have tried to use readcell function like this :
raw = readcell('MyExcelFile.xls', 'DateTimeType', 'text');
but that doesn't return me the same result :
  • When I was using xlsread, date was returned as text with format 'dd/mm/yyyy', example : '01/01/2014'
  • When I use readcell, date is returned as text with the exact same format as the cell in Excel 'dd-mmm-yyyy', example : '01-janv-2014'
I have to get the same result I got with xlsread, regardless of Excel language, regardless of Excel cells date format...
What is/are the command(s) I should use?
Other constraint : The command(s) do(es) not have to use/launch Excel.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Sep 2021
mask = cellfun(@isdatetime, YourCell);
YourCell(mask) = cellfun(@(DT) datetime(DT, 'format', 'dd/MM/yyyy'), 'uniform', 0);
Now the datetime objects will be reformatted to the style you want.
If you want text, then
mask = cellfun(@isdatetime, YourCell);
YourCell(mask) = cellfun(@(DT) char(datetime(DT, 'format', 'dd/MM/yyyy')), 'uniform', 0);
langrg on 21 Sep 2021
I don't have the option 'DataLines" available.
I think readtable is not the good solution because each column of a table must content same class data. My Excel file contains text and double in column 1 and 2.
readcell should be the right function, but I don't know why
readcell('MyExcelFile.xls', 'DateTimeType', 'datetime')
return an error while
readtable('MyExcelFile.xls', 'DateTimeType', 'datetime')
does not...

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