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How to get eigenvalues with varying coefficient

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I have t varing from 0 < t < 5
and x1 = (1+t)/2, x2 = (t^2)/4 and x4 = (1+2t)/6
so i did linspace(0,5,5)
A = [x1 x2; 0 x4];
B = eig(A);
since my number varies with t, I am getting an dimesntion of array error. how would i gran specific eigenvlaues for all range of t? please help!

Answers (1)

VBBV on 3 Oct 2021
t = linspace(0,5,4);
x1 = (1+t)/2;
x2 = (t.^2)/4 ;
x4 = (1+2*t)/6;
A = [x1; x2; zeros(1,length(t)); x4];
B = eig(A)
B = 4×1
3.6611 0.1916 -0.8250 0
Divide the variable t into same size as number of elements of A
PetronasAMG on 3 Oct 2021
so B you got here is it for when t =1? where is t=2? uptil t =5?

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