How do I find means of samples and then mean of the means?

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Rabeca Mohammed
Rabeca Mohammed on 5 Oct 2021
Answered: Kevin Holly on 5 Oct 2021
I have a 1000*25 vector with random integers from 1–1000000. Rows signify samples so I have 1000 samples, each having 25 random integers. How do I find the mean of each row/sample and then the mean of all the means (1000 means)?

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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 5 Oct 2021
Although it sounds like a homework question, I'll answer it since it is basic.
random = randi(1000000,1000,25);
mean_row = mean(random,2);
Mean_mean_row = mean(mean_row);
I would suggest taking the MATLAB Onramp course.
Documentation on functions used:

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