Separate the red and purple pixels in a photo

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hu on 5 Sep 2014
Commented: Image Analyst on 5 Sep 2014
I have a problem to separate the red and purple pixels in the attached 24 bit photo.
Therefore, how can I "isolate", show and count only them (red/purple pixels), an example would be great.
What are the techniques I should consider in this kind of problems?

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Rushikesh Tade
Rushikesh Tade on 5 Sep 2014
Tried to separate out the colors using K-Means Clustering using guide shown
cform = makecform('srgb2lab');
lab_he = applycform(input_im,cform);
ab = double(lab_he(:,:,2:3));
nrows = size(ab,1);
ncols = size(ab,2);
ab = reshape(ab,nrows*ncols,2);
nColors = 3;
% repeat the clustering 3 times to avoid local minima
[cluster_idx, cluster_center] = kmeans(ab,nColors,'distance','sqEuclidean', ...
pixel_labels = reshape(cluster_idx,nrows,ncols);
imshow(pixel_labels,[]), title('image labeled by cluster index');
segmented_images = cell(1,3);
rgb_label = repmat(pixel_labels,[1 1 3]);
for k = 1:nColors
color = input_im;
color(rgb_label ~= k) = 0;
segmented_images{k} = color;
for k=1:nColors
title_string=sprintf('objects in cluster %d',k);
imshow(segmented_images{k}), title(title_string);
Which provides results as follows:
Hope this helps !

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 5 Sep 2014
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 5 Sep 2014
That's fine, but don't let a preference for MATLAB blind you to the use of other tools that may help you understand and solve your problem. I hope it let you see that there is no clear threshold(s), in any color space, that will definitively work. That said, you can still segment your image by "carving up" the gamut, and you have several ways to do that, with demos in my File Exchange. Good luck. I don't have the Stats toolbox so I don't have kmeans() and I can't help you if you decide to adapt the Mathworks demo.

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