To ignore the data files with error and proceed in the code

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I am using gunzip(filename) in a loop to unzip the .gz files. e.g.
for x=1:N f=gunzip(fil_nme); end;
But for some the files it give error as follow
Error using gunzip>gunzipwrite (line 202) Unexpected end of input stream when attempting to GUNZIP the file "I:\GOES_DATA\G13\RETSD_MODMD_G13_GEC_2010356_11_gfsTfg_regWfg".
Error in gunzip>gunzipEntries (line 122) names{k} = gunzipwrite(entries(k).file, outputDir, baseName, streamCopier);
Error in gunzip (line 64) names = gunzipEntries(entries, outputDir);
Error in GOES_IASI_retrieval (line 46) f=gunzip(fil_nme);
and the whole program stops for some value of x less than N. I am not sure if this is error of gunzip or some error in datafile. If this error is in data file, is there any way that the error files can be skipped in the loop and the code is compiled for all values for x till N. i.e. Is there any way that I need not to restart to code after removing the erroneous datafile.
Thanks in advance

Accepted Answer

David Young
David Young on 9 Sep 2014
Use try and catch. Something like
for ...
gunzip ...
catch me
<test error, if it's significant rethrow it, otherwise ignore it>
David Young
David Young on 10 Sep 2014
If you put nothing between catch and end, that will probably be OK most of the time. The effect is to ignore all errors that occur between try and catch. Sometimes, you want to distinguish between different kinds of error (e.g. a missing file as opposed to a numeric error) and then you use me, as Iain says, to find out what the error was and act accordingly.

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Reema Alhassan
Reema Alhassan on 24 Jul 2018
Do you know why this error occurs ?


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