Close a specific area but do not close all the others

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Hello there!
Im working on a project that implies on recognize and extract bubble shapes.
I need to close or recognize all these blobs right here, and try to not lose any of them
because if some of these blobs are broken i lose all that information on the next step(area, etc..)
there is any way to conect only this blob whitout touching the others ??
pd:I tried changing the color thresholding but it doesn't always work, because it's an iterative problem
Thank you in advance!!
KuroWings on 14 Oct 2021
Is a rare occurrence (it is a video analysis), I just need to close the gap (it can be very flexible), but it is a very variable gap.

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Accepted Answer

Catalytic on 14 Oct 2021
Edited: Catalytic on 14 Oct 2021
What if you convert the interior of the bubbles to foreground?
load BW
BW=bwareaopen( BW ,N);
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KuroWings on 14 Oct 2021
Edited: KuroWings on 14 Oct 2021
Its a nice solution!!, the only problem is that blob at bottom right
which is a "fake bubble" generated by the outline of 4 other blobs. (that also occur in other parts of the image center.).

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