How to workaround the plotyy copyobj error?

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Hy, I have the same question like this question. But unfortunately the linke for the workarond is removed.
Can anyone help me how to copy both axes of the ployy to another figure?
sejo on 2 Oct 2014
Thx, for your infos. I run R2014a so there the problem still remains... Lets see what the support suggests...

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Accepted Answer

Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng on 2 Oct 2014
Edited: Joseph Cheng on 2 Oct 2014
This is a bit lengthy but you can try something like this where you save the data in userdata if the original data is nolonger available. then copy each parameter as such.
%generate some plots
x = 0:0.01:20;
y1 = 200*exp(-0.05*x).*sin(x);
y2 = 0.8*exp(-0.5*x).*sin(10*x);
%create new fig
figh1 = figure;
plotyy1 = plotyy(x,y1,x,y2);
%save the data in userData incase you don't have it for the new plot
set(plotyy1(1),'Ylim',[-500 500]);
set(plotyy1(2),'Ylim',[0 1]);
%create figure to copy to
figh2 = figure;
%reclaim the data if lost but figure is still there
reclmXY1 = get(plotyy1(1),'userData');
reclmXY2 = get(plotyy1(2),'userData');
%plot the two as a new yy
plotyy2= plotyy(reclmXY1(1,:),reclmXY1(2,:),reclmXY2(1,:),reclmXY2(2,:));
%get the parameters names for the axes
param = fieldnames(get(plotyy1(1)));
for ind = 1:2 %loop through the two plots
for jind=1:length(param)
%just for debug to see what properties are set
temp = get(plotyy1(ind),param(jind)); %can be inside the set()
if ~strcmp(param(jind),'Parent'); %skip designating parent
set(plotyy2(ind),param(jind),temp) %copy axes param
There could be an easier way to copy/set all the parameters except for the parent for each handle object but cannot come up with it at the moment.
sejo on 17 Oct 2014
Edited: sejo on 17 Oct 2014
Finally managed to do this task. Used the workaround of plotting the data again in the new figure.

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