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Deep Learning Toolbox and Neural Network Toolbox

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Is a separate license for the Neural network toolbox needed for the Deep Learning toolbox? I have a license for the Deep Learning toolbox but when I try to run the following code from example 1 seen when typing help trainNetwork I get the following
>> [XTrain, YTrain] = japaneseVowelsTrainData;
layers = [ ...
lstmLayer(100, 'OutputMode', 'last')
License checkout failed.
License Manager Error -10
Your license for Neural_Network_Toolbox has expired.

Answers (1)

Arkadiy Turevskiy
Arkadiy Turevskiy on 27 Oct 2021
Neural Network Toolbox was renamed to Deep Learning Toolbox in 2018, so there is no separate license. The error message seems to indicate your license has expired and that is why you are experiencing this error. Please check your license is still valid. If it is and you are still getting an error, please contatch tech support.




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