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DataSet Row Deletion Issue

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Rachel on 15 Oct 2014
Commented: Rachel on 15 Oct 2014
Hello, I have a dataset called NO2 and vector of site IDs called SNO2. If a value in the 4th column of the data set (MonitorID) is contained in SNO2 I want to delete the entire row from the dataset. The dataset looks like this
INPUT_FID NEAR_FID DISTANCE MonitorID StationID Classification 14 18 0.137058 60711004 60712002 3
This is the code that I have written. I keep getting an error message that says the index of the matrix to remove exceeds the matrix dimensions. Thanks!
for i=1:length(SNO2)

Accepted Answer

the cyclist
the cyclist on 15 Oct 2014
You can avoid the for loop altogether:
M = ismember(NO2(:,4),SNO2);
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Rachel on 15 Oct 2014
Thanks so much this works perfectly!

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More Answers (2)

Yu Jiang
Yu Jiang on 15 Oct 2014
This means M is larger than the number of rows in NO2. After you see the error message, type M in the command window to see what is the value of it, and then compare it with size(NO2).

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 15 Oct 2014
The only thing I noticed off the top of my head was that if SNO2(i) was not found, M could be empty and you don't take that into consideration, like
if ~isempty(M)
% Found the number in column 4 of NO2.
% Delete those rows with that number.
NO2(M, :) = [];
I think you can do this whole loop without a loop is you use ismember().

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