Cant get for loop to run

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Joe Bennet
Joe Bennet on 15 Nov 2021
Commented: Jon on 15 Nov 2021
Trying to calculate a value as one of the parameters it depends on increases
clc, clear, close all
f= 0.13;%Flap Length as Percenatge of Total Chord
beta= 25;%Flap Angle
c= 100;%Chord Length
tan_alpha= (f*sind(beta))/(c-f+f*cosd(beta));
alpha= atand(tan_alpha); %Effective Angle of Attack
%Calculating Effective Angle of Attack for Increasing Flap Angle
alpha= zeros(length(F)-1,1);
for n=1:1:length(F)-1
alpha(n)= ((f(n)*sind(beta))/(c-f(n)+f(n)*cosd(beta)));
However the for loop isnt working? any help is appreciated, what i want is a arrray of values for alpha as the value of f increases from 0 to 100

Accepted Answer

Jon on 15 Nov 2021
It looks like you define f to be a scalar at the top of your script. So it doesn't make sense to iterate through values of f(n) in the loop
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Jon on 15 Nov 2021
Maybe you are getting confused between your lower case f and your upper case F? Also it looks strange that you define alpha as a scalar and then later start assigning values to an array of alpha, i.e. alpha(n) = ...

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