If point x belongs to vertices of rectangle?

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I have defined a rectangle with four points, x1_min, x1_max, x2_min and x2_max. My goal is to create an if cycle with the condition where a point x is any of the four corners of this rectangle.
Instead of writing something like ( (x(1) == x1_min && x(2) == x2_min) || (x(1) == x1_min && x(2) == x2_max) || (x(1) == x1_max && x(2) == x2_min) || (x(1) == x1_max && x(2) == x2_max) ), is there a simpler way?
Thank you in advance!
x1_min = 0.1;
x1_max = 2.0;
x2_min = 0.1;
x2_max = 2.5;
x_bound = [x1_min x1_max ; x2_min x2_max];
x = [0.1 0.1];

Accepted Answer

Jon on 22 Nov 2021
Edited: Jon on 22 Nov 2021
You could define a 4 by 2 array, corners, with the corner values (first column x values, second column y values) then do something like
if any(all([2,3]==corners,2))
you could also use ismember
I think using ismember is clearer

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