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Patch for Matlab 2014a Student on OS X 10.10?

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Whitney on 20 Oct 2014
Commented: jonathan farrer on 25 Oct 2014
I've read through a bunch of other posts with fixes for 2014a, but the patch appears to only work for the full release and not the student version and the work-arounds are a bit cumbersome to perform regularly.
Is Matlab planning on making a patch that encompasses the student version? (As there is currently no 2014b student release and I shouldn't have to spend another $100 on a software package I bought a month ago when Yosemite was announced long before that.) Or does someone have a working Java patch for 2014a student?
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jonathan farrer
jonathan farrer on 25 Oct 2014
I am currently having the same issue. installed os x yosemite 10.10 last night and now the matlab 2014a (student version) icon has a no entry sign over it and if I try to open it i get an error message saying that this version is not compatible with os x yosemite 10.10. I have installed the patch and restarted afterwards and this has made no difference.

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Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell on 20 Oct 2014
Whitney, yes, you do need a patch for R2014a to work with Yosemite. To the best of my knowledge, it is compatible with both professional and student versions:
If you can point us to references stating that the patch does not work with the student release, follow up with a comment below and MathWorks will investigate.
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Whitney on 20 Oct 2014
Hi Ken,
That was the patch I downloaded. I installed and restarted but still couldn't open matlab (no sign over the icon). However, when I came back to my computer to look at your answer and reinstall the patch, the icon was back to normal. It looks like some updates were pushed through to my computer in the past few hours so perhaps that's what did the trick.
Thanks for your prompt response!

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