Analog PID controller to Discrete PID controller

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hello, i have created an Analog time PID controller and i want to convert it onto a discrete time PID controller. can somebody tell me how to do it?
Thank you!

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Hyunuk Ha
Hyunuk Ha on 29 Nov 2021
You can simply replace pid parts with built-in blk :
In Library Browser, discrete -> discrete PID blk.
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Nipun Loran
Nipun Loran on 29 Nov 2021
Edited: Nipun Loran on 29 Nov 2021
thank you!, but is there any other way to use unit delays and zero hold, and create a Discrete PID witout using the block?

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Dr Narayanaswamy P R Iyer
Dr Narayanaswamy P R Iyer on 30 Nov 2021
Analog PID Controller. Find TF of analog PID Controller and use command c2d in MATLAB.


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