YOLOV3 example missing functions

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gil on 29 Nov 2021
Commented: gil on 29 Nov 2021
While tryng to compile a full procedure of YOLOV3 from
found missing functions like generateTargets
Where the whole example can be found?
Are there any plans to create trainYOLOv3ObjectDetector?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 29 Nov 2021
Open the example in MATLAB (either MATLAB Online or desktop MATLAB). The directory that contains the example .mlx file also contains the generateTargets.m file.
I'm not sure what exactly you mean by "Are there any plans to create trainYOLOv3ObjectDetector?"
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gil on 29 Nov 2021
Thanks, I will check the examples file. Regarding the trainYOLOv3ObjectDetector, are there any plans to create a wrapper like trainYOLOv2ObjectDetector?

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