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Run an exectuable (deployed from a differential eq system in Simulink) for one timestep, then give new input (iteratively)

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I have modeled a vehicle dynamics problem with a few differential equations in Simulink. I want to export this to C-code and call it from a python script to make it part of an environment in a reinforcement learning project. In the python routine, I want to call the model with some inputs, read the output and give new inputs to the model for the next timestep. So it is like I want to iterate w.r.t. time through the model and provide new inputs from the RL agent each time.
Can you point me to the Mathworks documentation resource that is gonna be most helpful? Since I have zero experience in C code exporting from Simulink, I am having trouble finding the correct approach to do this.

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Kshitij Chhabra
Kshitij Chhabra on 12 Jan 2022
You can look at the documentation to get insights of exporting Simulink Model as C code. Further you can use this C code as modules in your Python Script.
Hope it helps!

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