size argument must be real integer

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M = 128; % Modulation order (alphabet size or number of points in signal constellation)
k = log2(M); % Number of bits per symbol
n = 30000; % Number of bits to process
sps = 1; % Number of samples per symbol (oversampling factor)
rng default;
dataIn = randi([0 1],n,1); % Generate vector of binary data
title('Random Bits');
xlabel('Bit Index');
ylabel('Binary Value');
dataInMatrix = reshape(dataIn,length(dataIn)/k,k);
dataSymbolsIn = bi2de(dataInMatrix);
Error reshape, size argument must be real integer

Accepted Answer

Voss on 30 Nov 2021
30000 bits
7 bits per symbol
--> 30000/7 = non-integer number of symbols, i.e., you cannot reshape dataIn into a matrix of symbols
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Aqsal Renaldi
Aqsal Renaldi on 30 Nov 2021
thank you so much sir, you helped me

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