Plotting a circle on top of a trisurf graph.

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I have solved a finite element problem, and I am using trisurf to plot the result. However, I want to specify a circular patch centered at [-0.3, -0.2] with radius 0.12, which is an area that contains activity i want to track.
T_delaunay is the triagularization of the whole nodal point V of size 2923 nodes.
T_delaunay = delaunay(V(1,:)',V(2,:)');
T_delaunay = delaunay(V(1,:)',V(2,:)');
T0 = delaunay(V(1,c_nodes)', V(2,c_nodes)');
centers = [-0.3 -0.2]; radii = 0.12;
for i = 1:length(time)
[U1,U2,~,~] = unpack(u_sol(i,:)', N);
phi1_Glc = T(17)*(U1.Glc./(U1.Glc + M(17))); % Glucose
bux = U1.oxy;
Cfree = NaN*zeros(1);
for j = 1:length(bux)
Cfree(j) = XTotalToFree(bux(j));
phi1_O2 = lambda(21)*((Cfree' - U2.oxy).^k); % Oxygen
phi2_Glc = T(18)*(U2.Glc./(U2.Glc + M(18)));
Ogi = (phi1_O2)./(phi1_Glc - phi2_Glc);
ind = 0.001*(5.3811 - 4.8971); % protocol 2
axis_min = 4.8971 + ind;
axis_max = 5.3811- ind;
hold on
% trisurf(T0, V(1,c_nodes), V(2,c_nodes), Ogi(c_nodes),'EdgeColor','k', 'Linewidth',1)
caxis([axis_min, axis_max])
% viscircles(centers,radii,'Color','k');
hold off
title (sprintf('OGI for Protocol %d at time = %g min', Protocol, time(i) ))
However, the circular patch will not show. Here is the result.
I also tried to create a delaunay triangularization of the 41 nodes contained within the patch. I specify that as T0.
T0 = delaunay(V(1,c_nodes)', V(2,c_nodes)');
I get a result which shows the triangles. However, I do not want the triangles to show. All i want to see is the boundary of the circle of the patch.
I will appreciate any help I can get.

Accepted Answer

Voss on 30 Nov 2021
It may be that the circle is beneath the surface object. I mean, I would expect the circle's 'ZData' to be all zeros - the default - which is obviously less than the 'ZData' of the surface created by trisurf. (I don't have access to viscircles to investigate.) If this is what's going on, one way to correct it is to set the axes 'SortMethod' property to 'childorder'.
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Gideon Idumah
Gideon Idumah on 30 Nov 2021
Thank you @Benjamin that surely worked. I set the 'SortMethod' property to 'childorder' and I was able to see the circles using viscircles.
Thank you once again.

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