Need help creating Easy function

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Ulrik on 26 Oct 2014
Answered: Matt Tearle on 27 Oct 2014
Make a function that takes an integer, n, and returns n!=1¢2¢3¢4....¢n.
Help is appreciated
Ulrik on 27 Oct 2014
It's probably easy as it's an assignment for an introductory course in matlab; however, I don't understand the problem.

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Matt Tearle
Matt Tearle on 27 Oct 2014
MATLAB Academy can help you learn the basics of MATLAB. Or the "Getting Started" section in the doc.
You'll need to learn how to write a basic function. For example, the classic "area of a circle" function looks like this in MATLAB:
function A = areaofcircle(r)
A = pi*r.*r;
(file saved as areaofcircle.m). You need to write a function that, like this one, takes a single input called n and returns a variable that holds the value of 1*2*3*...*n. There are various ways to do that. A simple one is to use a for-loop. A "better" way is to use a vector and the prod function.
There is a factorial function in MATLAB. You can check that your function behaves the same as it:
>> factorial(5)
ans =


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