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Sum of all odd and even arrays in matrix

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Moe on 29 Oct 2014
Edited: Harry on 30 Oct 2014
Suppose I have a matrix a:
a = [2,3;1,2;1,2;0,1;1,2;3,1;1,3;2,1;2,3;3,1];
I want to build matrix b with dimension 2*2 that first row is sum up of all odd rows of matrix a and second rwo is sum up of all even rows of matrix a
b = [16;19]
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 29 Oct 2014
OK, suppose you do. Is this homework? This is very very simple. What have you tried?
the cyclist
the cyclist on 29 Oct 2014
Here is a hint. Do you know how to make a vector of odd numbers? Even numbers?

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Accepted Answer

Harry on 29 Oct 2014
Edited: Harry on 30 Oct 2014
From your description, I think you want to do this:
b = [sum(a(1:2:end,:)); sum(a(2:2:end,:))]
However, I'm not sure why you wrote "b = [16;19]". If you want to get that, then just write:
b = sum(a).'

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