How to fill a segmented region of an image with color?

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Tawsif Mostafiz
Tawsif Mostafiz on 17 Dec 2021
I have used the code MagicWand provided by ImageAnalyst (Huge Thanks btw!) to apply Region Growing segmentation on an image, and applied Active Contour on the result, like this:
Where imageArray is this:
With selecting a particular seed point, the image after applying Region Growing method, the outputImage looks like this:
And after applying Active Contour Method like this:
The output looks like this:
Now, I want to fill the segmented region with white, so it looks something like this:
But I don't want a overlayed image. Can I extract a single image file (Like imageArray or outputImage so that I can use it for further operation) from it?
Thanks in advance!

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