Error while validating MEX Setup

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Lasfitri Rosanty Sinaga
Lasfitri Rosanty Sinaga on 4 Jan 2022
Answered: Arthur Goldsipe on 4 Jan 2022
I really need help.
I'm running FitData by means of Simbiology. But for every methods (lsqnonlin, fminsearch, fminunc, etc) results an error message that I have captured to the picture below.
Does anyone have any idea? I'm using mac OS as the operatingsystem.
Thank you in advance :)

Answers (1)

Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe on 4 Jan 2022
This is a warning, not an error. You can still use SimBiology. But if you install a supported compiler, you should see fitting go much faster. You can find more information about supported compilers here, but for macOS you likly just need to install a recent version of Xcode.




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