Plotting 2D XY values as a 3D radial contour plot

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I want to plot XY values, where X represents the values accross a radius (0 is the center of the distrbution) and Y represents the colors of a heatmap (like a Gaussian distribution). I want it to look like the image attached. Can anyone please tell me how to do this? Thanks!

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 11 Jan 2022
my 2 cents suggestion
data = importdata('data.txt');
x =,1);
n = 200;
r = linspace(min(x),max(x),n);
z =,2);
zz = interp1(x,z,r);
figure, hold on
axis square
for ci = 1:200
theta = rand(n,1)*2*pi;
XX = r'.*cos(theta);
YY = r'.*sin(theta);
% Color maps.
% parula - Blue-green-orange-yellow color map
% hsv - Hue-saturation-value color map.
% hot - Black-red-yellow-white color map.
% gray - Linear gray-scale color map.
% bone - Gray-scale with tinge of blue color map.
% copper - Linear copper-tone color map.
% pink - Pastel shades of pink color map.
% white - All white color map.
% flag - Alternating red, white, blue, and black color map.
% lines - Color map with the line colors.
% colorcube - Enhanced color-cube color map.
% vga - Windows colormap for 16 colors.
% jet - Variant of HSV.
% prism - Prism color map.
% cool - Shades of cyan and magenta color map.
% autumn - Shades of red and yellow color map.
% spring - Shades of magenta and yellow color map.
% winter - Shades of blue and green color map.
% summer - Shades of green and yellow color map.

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