When a structure is passed to a function, can we add a field to it?

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As the title suggests:
If I passed a structure variable to a function, can this function add a new field to it and have that stucture among its outputs with the new added field?
Or, do I have to create a new output structure?

Accepted Answer

_ on 20 Jan 2022
Edited: _ on 20 Jan 2022
The answer is yes, the function can add a new field and pass the struct back out, and no, you don't have to create a new struct (MATLAB creates a new struct for you).
input = struct('old_field',1);
output = test_function(input);
old_field: 1
old_field: 1 new_field: 2
function in = test_function(in)
in.new_field = 2;

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