Solving linear equations with large times

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剑豪 戴
剑豪 戴 on 18 Feb 2022
Commented: 剑豪 戴 on 20 Feb 2022
I am new to using matlab. I have a simple linear equation of Ax=B in loops;
where A is a complex matrix (1000x1000), and A will be changed with the parameters f, delta_p and delta_dopp in my code, i.e. A=A(f, delta_p, delta_dopp); B is a simple invariant column matrix (1000x1).
Cause I need to solve the linear equation almost about ~10^6 times. And matirx A is changing inside the loops (f, delta_p, delta_dopp are cycle indicators). When I using x=A\B solving the eqution, it should take me a lot of time. For example, it takes me one hour running 5e4 times.
I hope that someone can suggest a faster and better method? (Especially for the x=A\B method).
This is distribution of matrix A:
Thanks a lot!

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Accepted Answer

Hiro on 18 Feb 2022
It seems that your matrix is sparse - it would be worth while using some techniques for sparse matrix operetions where you can find methods for linear problems.

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