how to run principal component analysis in a 3D matrix

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I am trying to run principal component analysis, pca() function to a 3D matrix. It does not work and I think it only works with 2D matrixes. Is there any way to circunvent this limitation?
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AndresVar on 21 Feb 2022
Edited: AndresVar on 21 Feb 2022
You can reshape the matrix to 2D and then when you get results convert it back to the orginal dimensions if needed
There tricky part is to choose how to reshape. But say 2 dimensions are data, and the third is time then
data3d = ones([2,2,3]);
data2d = reshape(data3d,[],size(data3d,3));
ans = 1×2
4 3
so the columns become the new time dimension.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 22 Feb 2022
See my attached demo where I run it on a 3-D (true color) image. Adapt as needed.

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