run R2014b 32-bit on 64-bit Win7 pro?

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I've installed 32-bit R2014b on 64-bit win7 machine into C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2014b_32
But can't start it either by clicking the shortcut, or run bin\matlab.exe in cmd
Matlab splash image showed up and disappeared shortly after, then nothing, no matlab process seen in Task Manager. I've tried compatibility settings (XP) no difference.
I had once working 32-bit R2012a on a similar machine, that was installed to C:\matlab_32bit; no issue at all. I don't know if the installation folder shall introduce the difference. I will try while waiting for answer.
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Ethan Zheng
Ethan Zheng on 6 Jan 2015
I got the problem resolved by contacting Mathworks support. They have online request form, so I didn't call anybody.
The thing was I've set Java Heap Memory to 4GB while using x64 Matlab, such size exceeded maximum allowed JHM size for x32 Matlab and happened no triggering any warning message box. x32 matlab actually spits out an error message, if JHM size is representable (for 32-bit platform) and reset to default (128MB).
Solution is to set to some size representable for 32-bit platform.
Thanks everyone for helping out.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 16 Dec 2014
Call MathWorks' installation support team!
Jan on 16 Dec 2014
Thanks, Ethan, for the compliment. Matlab's support team is payed for solving such problems and they are very experienced.

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Jan on 16 Dec 2014
Edited: Jan on 16 Dec 2014
The 32 bit version should be installed in "Program Files (x86)" automatically, not in "Program Files".
I had troubles with some Perl code and other setup routines in a 32-bit Matlab due to the parenthesis in the path name. Therefore I've created a "ProgramFiles" folder in addition - without a space, where all tools are installed which are susceptible for special characters in the path.

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