How to draw a "xline" with a given height for the line and a given vertical position for the text?

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How to draw a xline with a given height for the line and a given vertical position for the text?
In other words, I need a shorter xline and I want to decide exactly how short that line will be.
Also, I would like to customise more the vertical position of the text, i.e. putting it a bit higher or a bit lower than what given by 'LabelVerticalAlignment'.

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 11 Mar 2022
The xline function by default goes to the limits if the y-axis. The label only has limited options for positioning.
It will likely be easier to create a single vertical line and attach a text object to it:
x = 1:0.1:10;
y = sin(2*pi*x/5);
plot(x, y)
[xl,xt] = xlin(7,'Message', 0.1, 0.8, 0.25);
function [hl,ht] = xlin(x,txt,ylo,yhi,ytxt)
% Documentation:
% x = x-Position
% txt = Text String
% ylo = Low y-Value (Start)
% yhi = High y-Value (End)
% ytxt = Text Starting Position
hold on
hl = plot([x x],[ylo yhi],'DisplayName',txt, 'LineWidth',1);
ht = text(x,ytxt, txt, 'Horiz','left', 'Vert','top', 'Rotation',90);
hold off
Returning the ‘hl’ and ‘ht’ handles permits easily changing certain attributes of the line and text objects without changing the function.

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Walid on 11 Mar 2022
Please check ConstantLine Properties (frome MATLAB R2021a):
you must use: xline(5,'LabelHorizontalAlignment',''left'') and likewise LabelVerticalAlignment for top, middle or button of the xline.
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Sim on 11 Mar 2022
Edited: Sim on 11 Mar 2022
Thanks @Walid... I am already using those properties.... But, I need to customise them with precise/given heights/positions (not just the usual 'left','right','up','down',...)

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Voss on 11 Mar 2022
Here's how you can specify the Vertical and Horizontal Alignment of the xline's label:
warning off all
xline(1,'_','Line at x = 1','LabelVerticalAlignment','top');
xline(2,'_','Line at x = 2','LabelVerticalAlignment','bottom');
xline(3,'-','Line at x = 3','LabelVerticalAlignment','middle');
xlim([0 4]);
xline(1,'_','Line at x = 1','LabelHorizontalAlignment','left');
xline(2,'_','Line at x = 2','LabelHorizontalAlignment','right');
xline(3,'_','Line at x = 3','LabelHorizontalAlignment','center');
xlim([0 4]);
If you don't want the xline itself to span the y-limits of the axes, i.e., have an xline of a given height, and/or have more control over where the label is, then you're better off creating a regular line (not an xline) and a text label separately:
line([1 1],[0 4],'Color','k');
text(1,1.5,'Line at x = 1','Rotation',90,'VerticalAlignment','bottom','HorizontalAlignment','center');
ylim([0 6]);

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