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How to let the matlab to remember the previous directory?

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I have this task daily:
Many plots are generated within the same "run". Then I check each of them. If it's good, I save it through "file" -> "save as".
However, for every save I need to choose the directory again. I wonder if I can setup matlab and let it to remember the last directory just seconds ago like many other software.

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Scott Webster
Scott Webster on 18 Dec 2014
If you save your plots using a matlab command (e.g. print) then you can specify the path. You can also use a command like uiputfile to prompt the user for a filename etc...
pathname = 'C:\';
reply = input('Save plot? (y/n) (default n)','s');
if reply == 'y'
[plotfile,plotpath] = uiputfile('*.png','Select plot file name',pathname);
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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 18 Dec 2014
Pretty sure you'll have to take this approach as I believe it's the OS that selects the starting directory for save.

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John on 15 Jan 2015
When you "save", matlab always prompt the user interface for folders and file name. Instead of going to "default' directory, matlab should remember the last directory and goes to there, at least as an option like many other software.

Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 18 Dec 2014
Create a cell array where you can store your directories


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