Multiple fminbnd errors with a parametrized function

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I am trying to use fminbnd for this function, where I was given parametrizations to plug in. It keeps giving me errors and I'm not sure what they mean. Any advice would be appreciated.
fun = exp(cos(t)) - sin((3^(1/2)*sin(t))/3);
t1 = 0;
t2 = 2*pi;
fminbnd(fun, t1, t2)
Error using fcnchk (line 107)
If FUN is a MATLAB object, it must have an feval method.
Error in fminbnd (line 198)
funfcn = fcnchk(funfcn,length(varargin));
Error in sevenbi (line 10)
fminbnd(fun, t1, t2)

Accepted Answer

Torsten on 25 Mar 2022
You are in the realm of numerical, not symbolic computations.
Here, functions are defined as handles:
fun = @(t) exp(cos(t)) - sin((3^(1/2)*sin(t))/3);
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Cassandra Meyer
Cassandra Meyer on 25 Mar 2022
Ohhh yup I was trying the @ symbol but forgot to define t. Thanks!!

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Catalytic on 25 Mar 2022
Here is a symbolic method, if that's what you wanted.
syms t f(t)
f(t) = exp(cos(t)) - sin((3^(1/2)*sin(t))/3);
ans = 




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