Convert multiple struct to table

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Benedikt Skurk
Benedikt Skurk on 21 Apr 2022
Commented: Chunru on 22 Apr 2022
Hello everyone,
i want to convert the following struct into a table so every value is displayed, i think there are like 630 values per field.
I already tried struct2table and the following:
a = app.time_series
f = fieldnames(a)
for i = 1:length(f)
x_T = table(num2cell(getfield(a,f {i})));
x_T.Properties.VariableNames = {f{i}};
T = [T, x_T];
But everything i get is:
Can someone please help me?
Thanks a lot!!!
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Chunru on 22 Apr 2022
It seems that the vaviable app.time_series is a structure of structure. Therefore you need to convert that structure of structure into double to form the table.
You can post your variable app.time_series as a .mat file attachment.

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