After y = filter(d , x), y is exactly the same as x. Please help filter function NOT working.

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I am doing a typical Noise Filtering DSP Project. I have done an Elliptic IIR LowPass Filter using filterDesigner. When i use y = filter(d,x), the output y is the same as x. No difference at all. why is the filter function not working ?
[x, Fs] = audioread("vuvuzela.mp3"); %read audio in vector x with Fs
N = length(x);
t = (0:N-1)/Fs; % time domain range for audio
duration = N/Fs % duration of audio is 97.8370 seconds
% Plot time-domain
grid on
xlabel('Time (s)')
title('Signal in time-domain')
% Periodogram Power Spectrum shows power for each frequency
w = hanning(N, 'periodic'); % Periodic Hann Window with N samples
periodogram(x, w, N, Fs,'power')
%Compute FFT freq domain
Freq = (0:N-1).*(Fs/N); % Frequency axis Freq = Fs/N [Hz] of audio signal x
Xk = fft(x,N); % FFT audio signal
Real_Xk = abs(Xk); % FFT can give complex values. we just want magnitude
plot(Freq, Real_Xk);
title('Freq Domain Plot of Audio Signal');
xlabel('Frequency, Hz');
%Denoise using Filter. Look at Periodogram Power Spectrum Estimate
%at 11kHz is cut-off freq btwn message signal & noise signal
%Denoise the x audio signal using Filter
%Create filter using >>filterDesigner
d = EllipIIRlowpass;
y = filter(d,x);
grid on
xlabel('Time (s)')
title('Filtered Signal in time-domain')
periodogram(y, w, N, Fs,'power')
%sound(y, Fs);
function Hd = EllipIIRlowpass
%ELLIPIIRLOWPASS Returns a discrete-time filter object.
% Generated by MATLAB(R) 9.11 and Signal Processing Toolbox 8.7.
% Generated on: 25-Apr-2022 01:09:50
% Elliptic Lowpass filter designed using FDESIGN.LOWPASS.
% All frequency values are in Hz.
Fs = 48000; % Sampling Frequency
Fpass = 11000; % Passband Frequency
Fstop = 11500; % Stopband Frequency
Apass = 10; % Passband Ripple (dB)
Astop = 80; % Stopband Attenuation (dB)
match = 'passband'; % Band to match exactly
% Construct an FDESIGN object and call its ELLIP method.
h = fdesign.lowpass(Fpass, Fstop, Apass, Astop, Fs);
Hd = design(h, 'ellip', 'MatchExactly', match);
Vishal Sathiaseelan
Vishal Sathiaseelan on 25 Apr 2022
Noted. Thank you very much for quick reply and helpful advice. I will try out better filter design specifications to filter out the noise.

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