Sorting a BigInteger array

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Michelle Lear
Michelle Lear on 29 Apr 2022
Commented: Jan on 2 May 2022
I need to sort an array but the contents are BigIntegers. When I try use the "sort(A)" function I get the following error:
Error using sort
Unknown command option.
Is it because the array is type BigInteger[] ? And if that's the case, how can I sort it?

Accepted Answer

Jan on 29 Apr 2022
How dod you create the array? Please post a short example. I seems that you are talking about a Java class, not a Matlab array. Then use a Java method for sorting...
FEX: HPF might be useful. It has implemented an merge sort.
Jan on 2 May 2022
@Michelle Lear: The link does not uniquely explain, how you have defined your array of BigIntegers. It would be helpful if you post your code instead of letting me guess the details.
I've showed you the code to inster the BigIntegers in a java.util.ArrayList, and this is a valid input for java.util.Collections.sort. If you use the suggested method, you will not get this error message.

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