matlab standalone exe splash screen appears and close, not running exe, tried several things but no success. Anyone has anything, please???

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Hello all,
I have created a standalone desktop application to run on other PC, it runs on my laptop well. But on client PC with matlab itself insttaled, exe not opening.
the splash screen appears and closes suddenly.
I have tried by running from command shell, but no error got.
PC is windows 11 and matlab is 19a.
Anyone facing same issue and solved please guide me.
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Cameron Starling
Cameron Starling on 25 May 2022
I'm having a similar problem on 2021b. The executable I've made runs fine on my laptop, but not on my colleagues.
When it's run on my colleagues laptop the splash screen shows as normal, but then the gui window which follows is blank.
Are there different verions of runtime per release? I have a saved copy of runtime 2021b_update_3. Could this be different to the one presently available for download on mathworks?

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 25 May 2022
Here is a list of MATLAB runtimes that need to be installed for executables created from the MATLAB Compiler for each release of MATLAB:
If you have further problems, try turning off your firewall, try defining the environment variable MCR_CACHE_ROOT to point to a location where you have write permissions, and try running the EXE from the command line to see if any helpful messages are displayed there.

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