How to disable figure pop up while initializing hggroup?

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Grzegorz Diaczek
Grzegorz Diaczek on 12 May 2022
Answered: Voss on 13 May 2022
I have a question, when i initialize a hggroup a figure pop up, setting visible to off in next line do not fix the problem. Do not know if there is a possability to disable the pop up of the figure, because it is annoying. Thanks for help.
hgfigures = hggroup;
hgfigures.Visible = 'off';
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Grzegorz Diaczek
Grzegorz Diaczek on 12 May 2022
hgfigures = hggroup;
solved the problem.

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Answers (1)

Voss on 13 May 2022
hggroup() creates an hggroup in the current axes in the current figure.
If there is no current figure, then a new figure is created and made the current figure. If there is no current axes, then a new axes is created in the current figure and made the current axes. Finally, an hggroup is created.
If you want to create an hggroup in a new figure that's invisible, then create the invisible figure right before creating the hggroup:
figure('Visible','off'); % creates an invisible figure
my_group = hggroup(); % creates an axes then an hggroup
Better is to store handles to the graphics objects (figure, axes, etc.) you create and use the handles to specify where other objects belong:
my_fig = figure('Visible','off');
my_ax = axes(my_fig); % creates an axes in my_fig
my_group = hggroup(my_ax); % creates an hggroup in my_ax


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