from File and if block conditions error

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Hello everyone,
I am building a Simulink structure for my homework which is about EVs.
I have Drive_cycle.mat contains time and corresponding speeds. It is directly connected (used goto, from blocks) to if block.
But I am getting an error. And I could not solve it.
I really appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you
Harshit Rastogi
Harshit Rastogi on 25 May 2022
Hi Hasan, If possible could you please share the model and drive cycle data here. I think that you are giving the drive cycle as input to the 'if' block. As drive cycle has 2 columns , 'if' block is not able to know with whom to compare the given value. Also instead of goto and from block , first open the subsystem and try connecting the drive cycle directly to the if block.
Hasan Atacan Tosun
Hasan Atacan Tosun on 26 May 2022
CYC.mat size 1370x2 [time,Velocity]
0 3
1 5.9
2 4
3 9
. .
. .

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Accepted Answer

Hasan Atacan Tosun
Hasan Atacan Tosun on 28 May 2022
If block specification. the output of the If block should be connected to the Action Subsystem.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 May 2022
This does not explain the error about the port dimensions, or why 1369 instead of 1370.
Real problem is that your data must be 2 x 1370 instead of 1370 x 2

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 May 2022
Transpose your mat data. Timestamps are first row not first column.


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