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How can I upload my own data to the Cocktail Party Source Separation Using Deep Learning Networks instance?

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Hello everyone, I am sharing the link of the example. I want to upload my own audio files. How can I write this?
downloadFolder = matlab.internal.examples.downloadSupportFile("audio","");
dataFolder = tempdir;
dataset = fullfile(dataFolder,"CocktailPartySourceSeparation");
[mSpeech,Fs] = audioread(fullfile(dataset,"MaleSpeech-16-4-mono-20secs.wav"));

Accepted Answer

David Willingham
David Willingham on 26 May 2022
The first 4 lines can be ignored. Simply input your own file into the audioread command.
[mSpeech,Fs] = audioread("myaudiofile.wav"));

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