MATLAB unresponsive on startup

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Whenever I start Matlab, it is unresponsive for around 3-5mins. So far I have tried the following
  1. removeDriveFromHistory - As someone pointed out this could help.
  2. Reinstalling Matlab
None of this has worked. I also tried to reset the preferences, to make sure corrupted preferences aren't causing it. But no luck. Can anyone please help me with it?
Machine Specs :- Intel i7-11 gen, 16 GB Ram, SSD. Windows installation

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Dhruv Thakkar
Dhruv Thakkar on 6 Jun 2022
I figured out the issue, there was another software using the LM_LICENSE_FILE which was causing matlab to become unresponsive. As I am not using the other software anymore, deleting the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable solved it.
Dhruv Thakkar
Dhruv Thakkar on 10 Jun 2022
It was an environment variable that I had created in order for the license manager to retrieve the license from the server. For some reasons unknown to me, when I ran the following in Matlab
It was also trying to retrieve a license from the same server as in LM_LICENSE_FILE. This was causing the delay. The other software is IBM Rhapsody, whose license I borrow from my university's server.

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Jan on 6 Jun 2022
Edited: Jan on 6 Jun 2022
Try to recreate the preferences folder:
Rename this folder and start Matlab. It is created with default values the first time. Does this change the delay?
Your hard disk might have a damage and reading a certain file can cause severe activities. Check this with CHKDSK and a tool like CrystalDiskInfo.
What is the contents of your startup.m file? Does it contain any tedious commands?
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Dhruv Thakkar
Dhruv Thakkar on 6 Jun 2022
Hey Jan, thanks for the quick reponse. Resetting the preferences didn't work.
I seemed to have figured out the issue, apparently its a license error. If I run
"path-to-Matlab/matlab.exe" -c <path-to-license>
It startsup almost instantly. Any way I can make it to read the local license by default?

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