How do I break axis to show data that have large variation?

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Roja Eliza
Roja Eliza on 8 Jun 2022
Answered: Jan on 8 Jun 2022
I have some data for which most the values of Y axis fall betwwen -6 to +6 and one data set upto 300. How can I break the plot to show the figure in a better way?
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dpb on 8 Jun 2022
Unfortunately, MATLAB HG2 axes object doesn't have such a facility -- about your only choices without drawing a second axis are to use log scale on the y axis which probably isn't desirable in this case or scale the extreme value by (say) 10, then set the ticklabel value to the actual value. You could then draw a couple of angled lines across the y axis to indicate the break.
There are some "See Also" links to such functionality on FEX that show up here; you ought to check them out albeit it takes downloading and adding them; there isn't any supplied builtin support.

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Jan on 8 Jun 2022
Search in the FileExchange for "break axis":


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