How do I get the matrix of gray levels from the "from Video Device" in Simulink

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gilad ash
gilad ash on 13 Jun 2022
Commented: gilad ash on 14 Jun 2022
I want to open the camera that will work on grayscale with the help of the "from Video Device" in Simulink and extract from each frame its I matrix.
gilad ash
gilad ash on 14 Jun 2022
I have the camera, the kind is "web camera Full HD 1080P" and I can open it, I dont no how to extract in Simulink the I matrix, the Pixel matrix.

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 13 Jun 2022
Double click on the block and change the output color space option to "grayscale" if you can. Or, the Computer Vision Toolbox offers a Color Space Conversion block. Or, use a MATLAB function block to wrap the rgb2gray in Simulink, this is part of basic MATLAB. Or just do it your self, since intensity of RGB is just sqrt(R^2 + G^2 + B^2).
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gilad ash
gilad ash on 14 Jun 2022
Sorry, my question was not understood.
I have a camera and I know how to open it to do a grayscale photo, my question is how do I extract in simulink the matrix I, the pixel matrix of the image

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