Standalone app using simulink model with level 2 s-function

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I'm currently working on a standalone app which uses a simulink model working with a level 2 s-func. It's a Sine wave ( y= Asin(wt + phi) ) and I want to change the parameters/inputs as well. Also, I saw that to make a standalone app using a s-func, you must write it in C (or C++). However, when I simulate my model, Matlab just crashes. So I was wondering what have I done wrong ? I have Simulink Compiler, and the use of the s-function is mandatory in this case (I am aware there are easier ways to make a Sine in standalone). Finally, I attach all the required files and for the sake of clarity, vitesse_ang = velocity (I'm french).
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Andrea Gonzalea
Andrea Gonzalea on 15 Jun 2022
I have the same problem with s-fuctions and a standalone. If you get a solution for your issue please share it here.

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