shift time data in a time table

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George Pavlath
George Pavlath on 6 Jul 2022
Commented: George Pavlath on 6 Jul 2022
I have a timetible with time steps every 1e-6 seconds. The last time is 200 usec. Their is only one data column. I would like to create a second timetable from the first but offsetting the times from the first by a fixed offset. Finally, I will vertically concatenate the two timetables to create a new timetable. If TT is the timetable, I have tried:
TTnew.Time=TTnew.Time+201e-6; % an offset of 201 usec. This gives funny results. Rather than shifting the times by 201 usec, the first time entry is 17.366 sec.
How can I offset all of the time entries in a timetable by a fixed amount?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Jul 2022
TTnew.Time = TTnew.Time + seconds(201e-6)
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George Pavlath
George Pavlath on 6 Jul 2022
Thsi worked perfectly! Thank you.

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