using attribute 'size' in validateattributes

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Hi,Any idea how I can pass size of a matrix to validateattributes? I need to check that size(A,2) < 2, where A is the input to my function.
Would be appreciated.

Accepted Answer

David Young
David Young on 5 Feb 2015
I'm pretty sure validateattributes can't do what you want.
If in fact A is required to be a column vector, you can use
validateattributes(A, {'numeric'}, {'column'}); % change class as appropriate
but if it's OK for A to be empty, or if it's possible for A to have 3 or more dimensions, then you need to write out the check in the conventional way:
if size(A,2) >= 2
If you are using writing a checking function for inputParser, the answer is that it's possible to do what you want but a little more complex - please say if you need that.

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Daniel Lyddy
Daniel Lyddy on 12 Jun 2015
I think this might be what you want:
% set up validator
myValidMatrix = @(x) validateattributes(x, {'numeric'}, ...
{'real', '2d', 'size', [nan, 2]});
That nan in the 'size' vector is an "I don't care". If instead your array is 3D and you only care about the middle dimension, you would do:
myValidArray = @(x) validateattributes(x, {'numeric'}, ...
{'real', '3d', 'size', [nan, 2, nan]});


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