How to segment a video into multiple small video chunks?

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Hi all,
I have a dataset where each vedio need to be segmented into multiple small vedios.
Can some one suggest any matlab code for the same.
I know we can read vedios as below:
videoReader = VideoReader('k.avi');
But this object is giving corresponding image frames.

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Adarshini K
Adarshini K on 21 Jul 2022
Vision.VideoFileReader is the input routine that can currently handle audio and video combined, and Vision.VideoFileWriter is the output routine that can currently handle audio and video combined.
The basic mechanism for trimming with the Vision.VideoFile routine is by opening the input video, read and discard frames until you get to the point that you want to keep, and then start reading and writing the output.
Also unable to find proper documentation regarding translation between frame count and time in the case of variable frame rate. For further information you may refer the following documentation:

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