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Help understanding transformers in simulink

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Hi, I'm currently working with an H-Bridge inverter but the results that I'm getting are weird.
To summarize my problem, when i connect a transformer to the H-bridge inverter my voltage behaves in a way that I'm not expecting.
Figure 1.- output voltage of the inverter without connecting a transformer
When I connect the transformer this is what i get
Figure 2.- output voltage of the inverter connecting a transformer
And the voltage that the transformer outputs is
Figure 3.- voltage from the transformer.
This is something that intrigues me because when i run the same simulation on PSIM the results are different. Can anyone help me?, I'm trying to learn how to use simulink instead of PSIM since i read somewhere that it was more useful. Thanks in advacne
Figure 4.- Design
Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 27 Jul 2022
Can your provide what the paramters for the transformer are? Also, can your provide a screenshot of what you expect from Psim? Your results don't necessarily look wrong for what you have in your model.
Eduardo Gutierrez Robles
Eduardo Gutierrez Robles on 27 Jul 2022
Thanks to your answer I was able to realize my mistake. I was misinterpreting the results which means that this question was poorly made. Thanks for your answer, it helped me realize where i was confusing myself

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Answers (2)

Dr Narayanaswamy P R Iyer
Dr Narayanaswamy P R Iyer on 28 Jul 2022
The results appears alright. The spikes in waveform could be due to inductance of transformer windings compared to their resistance i.e. L/R ratio. P.R. NARAYANASWAMY. DR. N P R IYER.

SALAH alatai
SALAH alatai on 28 Jul 2022
The results appears fine.
Do not care about the spikes , it is due the inductance of the transformer.
So I believe is ok.


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