How to build a 3D chart/plot from scattered/raw data?

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I would like to build a 3D chart from raw data with coordinates (x,y,z). How can I build a 3D chart from raw/scattered values, instead of a function? I would like to build a chart with several surfaces/slides, with diferent values of z. How can I do it?
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Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson on 4 Aug 2022
If you have a dense enough sampling you could use the scatteredInterpolant to get interpolated values at a regular grid and then you could use slice to display selected cuts through your volume. This is what you'd do if you have some "intensity"-data sampled at x,y,z if you want to display surfaces for sub-sets of x,y,z-data you might look at trisurf. So have a look at the help and documentation of those functions.




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